We specialize in weapons from the brands SCHMEISSER, Heckler Koch, Winchester, Browning, Glock etc., as well as accessories from the companies MSA Sordin, LEATHERMAN, Bolle, ESP, Mechanix, Blackhawk, PELICAN Storm Case, Aimpoint, Vortex, Nightforce, SABRE, SPUHR, Magpul, BoreTech etc.

We have personally tested most of the products that we offer here. Some even for many years. We are therefore confident that you will be pleased with them and that they will be a great help to you, just like us.

Our goal is not to have an e-shop with a million items that we can order and hope that they will come and then deliver them to you, but a store with items that we really HAVE IN STOCK! We have over 95% of the listed items.

Another attraction is the chance to test your weapon before you purchase it. Indeed, we'll go with you to the shooting range and you can try out in practice, whether your decision is the right one. Everything looks great in a catalogue, but that doesn’t have to be the case when holding it in your hands.

Newly from 2022, we are an authorized service of the SCHMEISSER brand.

We have the status of a HECKLER KOCH arms service center in the Czech Republic.

Of course, we will provide post-warranty service for other brands as well.

The showroom in our facility in Solenice, in the district of Příbram, is open for the purposes of better communication, and the handover of weapons and ammunition. If you want to visit us personally and discuss our product range, it is necessary to book it in advance.


We purchase the goods of the above listed brands through exclusive representation in the Czech Republic. No gray imports, so you definitely will not have a problemin case of warranty.