So have you also come to the conclusion that having a firearm license and possessing a weapon gives you a greater sense of security? Do you like some shooting disciplines or do you want to just occasionally go shooting recreationally?

We will help you to improve in shooting, to acquire better and safer habits when handling weapons. We will show you how best to respond in an emergency. We will discuss the legislation of "Necessity" and "Necessary defense" in detail and a lot of other practical and useful advice. The instructors with many years of experience gained with special police and army units will guide you through the course. Last but not least, at domestic, foreign and international shooting competitions.


We provide courses for 2-3 participants, or individually. We would like to give to you as much information as possible, so that it is fully available to you, as well as ensure your safety and for many of you also your anonymity.



- legal awareness

-correct and safe handling

- shooting position, posture, breathing

-practical training in shooting, demonstrations of attacks and defense

-the minimum of first aid

-gun care

- course duration 5 hours

- we can ensure the minimum number of rounds of 300 pcs (not included in the price).


Price 2,450 with VAT including rental of the shooting range. Individually 2,900


If you do not own a gun, we can loan you one.



  • -A short review of course I.
  • -strong and weak hand shooting
  • -protection, control of a space
  • -shooting in difficult conditions
  • -first aid
  • - course duration 5 hours 

- We can ensure the minimum number of rounds of 400 pcs (not included in the price).

- Own gun and magazine holster


  • Price 2,450 with VAT including rental of the shooting range. Individually 2,900




Individual preparation by the shooting instructor who is an active participant in international competitions. 


Price 1,450/h. with VAT. The price of renting the shooting range must be added on.


Conditions for admission to the course, other rules.

- We reserve the right not to accept a participant in a course for any reason.


- By submitting an application and paying tuition, the participant takes note that he/she takes the course at his/her own risk and in the event of a material or physical injury, will not require any compensation from the organizer of the course.


- Course participants as a matter of principle only use equipment authorized by the law, "chipped" ammunition, etc. The modification of ammunition is only possible for the IPSC course. The use of safety glasses and hearing protection. 

-The participant must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication and must adhere to the safety rules of firearm handling. Otherwise, they may be excluded from the course with no compensation for the returning of the course fee.