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Due to the spread of the corona virus, COVID-19 and the demand for security advice, but mainly for material equipment, we currently offer you a product from a Czech manufacturer.
Antibacterial 3 layer drape with active silver and certificate from a Czech manufacturer, ODEX (a company with a tradition since 1994, produces for Max Mara and Pietro Filipi, among others).

The drape is repeatedly washable at least 50 times. Its front part is made of cotton 95%, elastane 5%, followed by a layer of Prolen Siltex, provided with a layer of Sanitized 11-15 with active silver, which is the main antibacterial part and the third layer is 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The drape is equipped with rubber bands. We recommend washing at 65 - 75 ° C for at least 10 minutes and ironing after drying. The drape complies with ISO 17050-1. The rubber bands may differ from the one shown.
Current colors burgundy, vol. blue, gray, black, white and camouflage.

We provide delivery to hospitals, pharmacies and other facilities. We guarantee both production and quality stability. We offer wholesale prices..



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