Protection of persons

We deal with the following subjects:

  •  - Personal protection
  •  - Transport of valuables
  •  - Detecting wiretaps
  •  - Data acquisition/tracking


  • Personal protection.

Often in life we get into situations in which we don’t feel safe, we feel threatened or we are already in real danger of being harmed. Becoming the target of an attack, and not just physically, is nothing difficult. Success, fame, wealth, public life, as well as debts and failures are all factors that can get us on thin ice, so to speak. Of course, not only you, but your loved ones as well, for the most part.


We will help you find a solution!

We will prepare an analysis of the situation for you and propose a solution with your cooperation that will, if circumstances allow, interfere in your personal life as little as possible.


We work with a top team of bodyguards who have many years experience in this field. They have provided protection for various heads of states, political figures or have worked on foreign missions.

We put great emphasis on quality and maximum professionalism.


  • Transport of valuables.

We offer services in the transportation of cash or other valuables. Eliminate the risk of entrusting money to employees, don't risk transporting it yourself. The fact that nothing happened today does not mean that it won’t happen in the future.

You will be accompanied by an experienced armed escort or we will perform this service for you, saving you time. We are insured for this task. The bodyguard who accompanies you can also help you in case of sudden changes in your health condition. Everybody is trained for these situations and have the necessary medical supplies on their person.


If you are interested, we will suggest how to reduce potential risks.


  • Detecting wiretaps.

We will arrange the checking and possible clearing away of unwanted technology from your premises, vehicles and other appliances.

It is not only the state apparatus that may be interested in your activities, commercial espionage is also very normal nowadays. At the same time someone can exploit the data acquired in this way by blackmailing you.

We work with top professionals in the industry who are still with the times technologically. 


  • Data acquisition, monitoring persons.

A special team for this job will provide you with maximum information about your business partners, family or children. Often you can avoid irreversible life situations in this way.