1. What if I miss the mark and affix the stamp to another place on the magnetic stripe than the one outlined in the manual?

- If you stick the protective stamp less than two inches from the right edge of the card, the ATM will return the card without dispensing cash.


- If you affix the protective stamp more than four inches from the right edge of the card, you will reduce the protective effect of the stamp. (The card can be abused when paying on the Internet if the card number and three-digit number listed after the signature stripe of the card is known.)


2. How does a protective stamp function abroad?

The stamps are primarily intended for Europe, but can be used wherever chips are placed on payment cards. Administratively, it is impossible to determine which network of ATMs abroad are inappropriately set and which are functional. You can find that out by a simple on-the-spot test. Insert your card into the ATM and if you are prompted to enter a PIN, the network is set correctly for the purpose of protection through the security stamp. If the card is returned immediately after insertion, the card protected your account and try to find another ATM. Peel off the sticker in extreme cases, but from that moment the card is not protected.


3. An ATM returns the card without dispensing cash when using a payment card. Shall I peel off the stamp?

First check whether there is at least two centimeters between the edge of the protective stamp and the right edge of the card. If that is not the case, remove the stamp and affix another one according to the manual. If the stamp is placed correctly, then do not remove it and select another network of ATMs, while getting informed about the information on the number of free withdrawals at foreign banks. Inform the ATM operator about the problem with the setting of the priorities of reading.


4. Why should I affix a stamp when my bank will compensate me for the damages?

Do you really think that the bank will immediately compensate everyone for damage from the disappearance of money from the account? If you are not a VIP customer of the bank, then you will have to wait for months for the return of your money. But first you must prove that you yourself did not take the money from the account, or that you are not involved in this fraud and it's not always that simple. Otherwise you are walking on thin ice. 
 Example of fees for bank card insurance
. - There are vast differences in the insurance conditions. Beware of the words, some banks pay damages in the case of theft or loss of cards, however in the case of skimming neither of these has occurred. Have the conditions properly explained
Deductible for damages occurred