Welcome to the shooting range section. In 2018, we opened a completely new tunnel shooting range on the premises of our company.
The shooting range meets the most demanding regulations and at the same time offers you top comfort in the field of heating, air conditioning, extraction and last, but not least, we were concerned with design.
The shooting range is designed primarily for testing weapons, teaching and training of defensive shooting, due to its total length of 15 meters.
In the near future, a projection shooting range will also be launched, enabling shooting into the screen with sharp bullets, as well as training with a laser.

With us, you have a unique opportunity to test most weapons before purchasing them throughout the year. If you choose a weapon with us, the trial is FREE!

The list of weapons will continue to expand. Weapons for loan, see below.
You can also try various riflescopes and collimators Vortex, Nightforce, EoTech, night vision, thermal imaging, etc.
You can also rent a Streamlight flashlight for shooting in low light conditions.

Are you interested in a course or a gift voucher for experience shooting?
Take a look at our offer.



We will also arrange an event for your company, whether in the form of a fun day
 or certified training.
Open hours you find on upper picture. 
For reservation call +420 721 000 005


Shooting range price list:
Entrance to the shooting range 1 person, 1 hour, one station 200, - CZK
Included in the entrance: 
- Headphone rental
- Rental of goggles
- Target circles
- Blinds
- Drink
Rental of the entire shooting range for 1 hour incl. instructor 1150, - CZK
Shooting at professional poppers, firuga, table, swing, etc., per piece 200, - CZK
Shooting on a 3D figure 1 shot 5, - CZK
Possibility of shooting without a firearms license, price for 1 hour incl. line 550, -
Shooting under the guidance of an instructor, private lesson, incl. shooting range rental 1 h 750, - CZK
Storage of weapons (we are insured), for each month 200, - CZK
Weapon service and lapping adjustments, etc., for 1 hour 500, - CZK
Shooting a weapon without ammunition and mounting modifications 200


Weapons for rent:


AK 47, Works, 7,62x39 250,-

CZ 85 D Compact, 9 mm Luger 200,-

CZ 75 Tactical Sport, 9 mm Luger 250,-

CZ Scorpion EVO III, 9 mm Luger 250,-

CZ 858 Tactical, 7,62 x 39 250,-

CZ 858 Novohradský, 7,62x39 250,-

Glock 17, GEN4, 9 mm Luger 250,-

Glock 19, GEN4, 9mm Luger 250,-

Glock 23, Gen 3, .40 SW 250,-

Heckler Koch SFP9 SD, 9 mm Luger 250,-

Heckler koch MR223, 11“, .223 Rem, Eotech 300,-

Heckler Koch MR308, 16,5“, .308 Win, Nigtforce ATACR 5-25x56, Vortex Razor 400,-

Norinco JW15 .22LR 200,-

Sauvage rifle .30-06 250,-

SigSauer P226, 9 mm Luger 300,-

Springfield 1911, .45 Auto 300,-

Taurus PT92, 9 mm Luger 200,-

Taurus PT24/7, 9 mm Luger 200,-

Taurus PT57, 7,65 Brow. 200,-

Taurus PT22, .22LR 200,-

Taurus Titan, .357 Mag 300,-

Taurus Titan, .45 Long Colt 300,-

Taurus M65SS, .357 Mag 300,-

Taurus 22 Magnum 22.LR/WMR/Magnum 250,-

Tikka T3X, TAC, .308 Win 300,-

Tikka T3X, Super Varmint, .308 Win 300,-

Winchester Pump Gauge 12“ 250,-

Compound Bow HoriZone 65 lbs (target preparing incl.) 300,-

Compound Crossbow HoriZone 185 lbs, arrows speed 395 fts! (target preparing incl.) 350,-

and more..